Lose it! Free iPhone app for weight loss & maintenance

January 10, 2010

This is my personal food log for Friday, January 8, 2010

I am trying to get back to a healthier me.  I hope to work with restaurants to obtain nutritional information including calorie & fat content to share on this blog.

I discovered a free app for my iPhone last summer called “lose it”.  It is a lifestyle instead of a “diet”.   You input your food & exercise into the app to keep track of your eating & activity patterns.  You choose how you want to implement this in your life; lose a little, a lot or simply maintain.

The app has a large fresh food, prepackaged food & chain restaurant database.  If it doesn’t have what you need, you can create your own custom foods & recipes.  It also has a list of your previous meals & foods to quickly locate your regular items.

As a self proclaimed “foodie”, I like to eat good food & am not willing to do a shake or rice cake diet.  I don’t mind having some lighter, healthier snacks & meals but every day I still want spectacular food.  I just have smaller portions.  This is perfect for me, customizable, easy & free.



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