Old Mill Martini Bar Restaurant Review 9.2

August 20, 2008

Martini Bar, Yellowfin Tuna

Bend’s best kept secret! Posh food, hidden in an upscale bar. The entrance is hidden on the north side of the Old Mill Saxon’s Jeweler building. You go up the discrete stairwell (or elevator) to enter the bar/restaurant. The 3rd floor is available for private events (will be again after they rebuild from the recent fire), the 2nd (main) floor has a bar area as well as a few nooks & patio with beautiful views. The look & feel is posh & modern with a touch of the brick from the Old Mill.

I invite friends to dinner her, they say “the bar? Shouldn’t we go out to dinner first?” Few people know they have food of this caliber. I have yet to find something that I would not have again. You really can’t go wrong with anything here (at least nothing I have tried). The descriptions from the menu make my mouth water & don’t do them justice. The portions are perfect, I never leave hungry but I am an inch away from licking my plate clean.

This is my favorite food in Bend. I have tried many items off the menu but my favorite is the seared scallops, my husband and daughter’s favorite is the sea bass. The bass is so soft & smooth, your fork glides through it like softened butter, the flavor is impossible to describe, it is amazing. The scallops plate has so many flavors that compliment one another, the risotto is almost as good as the scallops.

The food is spectacular & way under priced for the quality & flavor. The drinks are great but pricey. The website only shows the downtown location but is a great resource for mixed drink recipes. The food is always consistent but the service can vary, typically you are served like you’re in a bar & not dining out. Get you with the food, keep you with the drinks. I rarely drink when I come because I want to savor the food

Seared Scallops – Mango glaze, caramelized onion, napa cabbage, sliced pear, butternut squash, risotto, pomegranate syrup $24

Sea Bass Bene wafer crusted, winter vegetble medley, chef’s risotto, Walla Walla sweet onion cream sauce $25.5

Yellowfin Tuna – Togaraashi encrusted, wasabi potato egg roll, chili ginger soy dipping sauce with arugula frisee salad, warm tofu & goat cheese crouton. $23

Chimichurri Trip-Tip Grilled tri-tip, black beans & rice, roasted corn medallions, chive butter $13.5 (small plate)

Asain Beauty Bloody Mary – Mazama Infused Pepper Vodka, tomato juice, soy and ginger reduction wasabi, Demetri’s Bloody Mary Spice Blend, Sriracha Pepper Sauce, Cholula Pepper Sauce, cucumber, green onion $8.50

UPDATE:  The Old Mill location has closed.  They still have a downtown location but they don’t serve the same food.

Rating based on 1-10, 10 is best:
Quality of food: 10
Taste, flavor & texture of food: 10
Service: 7
Atmosphere: 9
Value: 10

(note the above value rating is based on the food)

The Old Mill Martini Bar
Bend, Oregon Restaurant
360 SW Powerhouse Dr Bend, OR
N 44° 2.800′ W 121° 18.871′


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