June 29, 2008

My name is Jennifer, my husband is Scott & our daughter is Grace. I am not an expert, simply an average (opinionated) person who has been eating my entire life, just like everyone else. We didn’t eat out much before moving to Bend, there was not much of a selection & eating out was only for special occasions. Now we have plenty of occasions; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…

There are a few things that we simply need for survival; food, water, oxygen, sleep, friends & family. Sometimes I eat out & feel like I am simply surviving & choking down the food. Other times I have an amazing experience made up of a combination of food quality, service, atmosphere, architecture & company. Instead of emailing everyone I know each time I go out, I will post here.

I have always had very specific cravings & try to follow them. If I don’t eat what I am craving, I typically will eat too much of whatever is in front of me.

Over the years my taste has evolved but there are still a few things I don’t like & will not be ordering; raw onions, cooked carrots or raw green bell peppers (any other color is good though). I have a thing about tomatoes; I am not crazy about tomato juices or sauces but I like a fresh ripe tomato or good bloody mary (spicy & thick enough you can chew) and I love sun dried tomatoes. I have some other food quirks too, I will share those as I think of them.



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